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Huawei's 2021

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 Harmony OS. Huawei's response to Android and iOS

Dear followers of the self-development

 blog, we are pleased to present to you this

 wonderful article that we are still waiting

 for its arrival, which is that Huawei

 announces its own system for phones and

. smart devices
Huawei's  Android and iOS

Wang Qingli, Huawei's head of artificial

 intelligence, hopes Harmony OS will

 become the most widely used operating

. system in the next five years

Huawei announces its own system for phones and smart devices

Experience the latest version of Harmony

 OS at one of Huawei's flagship stores in

 Shanghai (Getty)

Experience the latest version of Harmony

 OS at one of Huawei's flagship stores in

 Shanghai (Getty)


After the United States blacklisted it and

 denied it the use of android operating

 system, Chinese company Huawei

 developed an exceptional new operating

 system instead of google's operating

. system

In an interview published in the French magazine Le Point, Wang Qingli, head of artificial intelligence at Huawei, which employs 190,000 employees, referred to harmonyos, which will gradually have many key products, such as huawei

. Matebook X Pro, Watch 3 or Freepods

Xiaomi joins her sister Huawei on U.S. "blacklist"

Apple regains second place in smartphone market, taking advantage of Huawei's impact on U.S. sanctions

Better yet, this operating system , the alternative to Android and iOS, will not only concern mobile phones, but also promise to connect all connected devices,

. from robots to the bathroom mirror

Harmony Development

Speaking about harmony OS's addition compared to Android, Wang Qingli said the development of Harumoni OS began in May 2016 with widespread belief that the smartphone market will one day peak. It is necessary to bypass the mobile phone to connect smart things in our daily lives. With Harmony OS, the mobile app can work on a TV, watch, car and even in a smart home, and if there is no connection between devices, smart equipment is

. worthless


Qingli denied understanding the U.S. ban that prevents Huawei from accessing Android, noting that the company's goal is to provide the best customer experience. Naturally, the external environment is subject to different changes, which appear

. as if they were many opportunities

He also stressed the company's willingness

. to work with all potential partners


  ng Qingli confirmed the company's intention to change the daily lives of consumers, for example in the kitchen, where the company's assistant can play the role of chef and nutritionist. Moreover, after being connected to the watch, the bed can adjust the rigidity of its mattress to improve your sleep, as well as lighting,

. temperature and air moisture

The dangers of artificial intelligence

Regarding concerns raised by artificial intelligence, Qing commented that every change is accompanied by concerns. This was the case with airplanes and then cars, with any technology there are pros and more risks. He did not believe that the machine could become smart enough to pose a threat to human survival and believed in man's ability to control that


Android and iOS

Huawei announces its own system for phones and smart devices

He also confirmed his agreement toHuawei's regulate facial recognition more, as Europe wants. At present, it is appropriate and necessary to set standards for this

. technique

As for privacy, Qingli said that saved data remains on your device in principle and should not be transferred to the cloud

 .unless requested by the user

Regardless of the devices used by the consumer, it is important that everyone be able to interact in a unified language, in order to advise nutritionists, chefs and

. translators

For example, Bodhi, produced by the French company Blue Frog Robotics, is an accompanying robot that should be able to talk to an elderly person and read the 


heart rates recorded by his used system in

. the next five years